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What Makes Eduplay the Best Childcare for Your Child?

If you’re wondering whether Eduplay Childcare is the right place for your child – please read on!

When it comes to choosing a Childcare Centre most parents look at two things.

How does it FEEL? & How does it FUNCTION?

When it comes to FEELING parents ask these questions:

  • Is it a friendly place?

  • Are the teachers welcoming?

  • Can I imagine my child feeling happy and safe here?

  • Do they share my values?

The truth is – the best way to get a feel for a centre is to come and visit. It doesn’t matter how flash the website is, or how qualified the teachers are. Only you can know if the vibe is right. We recommend scheduling a visit and allowing plenty of time to observe and ask questions. Learn more about our team HERE.

We invite you to come and see for yourself. Contact us HERE to make a time or just pop in.

The second thing to consider is FUNCTION because practical things matter and help to ensure you have a stress-free childcare experience

Questions to consider:

What are the opening hours?

Is there enough time to drop your child, have a chat to the teacher and get to work on time? Can you get to the centre after work to collect your child on time?

Eduplay Childcare is open from 7am to 6pm, Monday to Friday.

Is there adequate parking?

Drop off and pick up are busy times at any school and there’s nothing worse than fighting for a park – especially when you need to get to work on time.

Eduplay Childcare has its own dedicated carpark.

Do you need to pack a lunch box or is food provided?

Food is super important - not only is it the fuel our children need to have a positive day, but young children are often very fussy as they learn to like a variety of food. Making and bringing your own lunchbox each day takes effort and time – which is great when your child is close to starting school as they need lunchbox practice (and so do parents!). But eating a shared meal is a very special social part of childcare. Not only are children more likely to try a new food when they see their friends eating it too, but a freshly made food is much more appetising.

Eduplay Childcare has a fulltime Chef dedicated who make age appropriate and healthy meals for our children. We have a (refined) sugar-free menu and a dedicated dining room. Learn more HERE.

Are nappies provided?

Another thing that must be ticked off the list and packed in your child’s bag each day – we all know how annoying it is to be running low and needing to make a supermarket trip just for nappies on the way to childcare in the morning.

Eduplay Childcare provides nappies for all children under 3 years old.

How does the centre communicate about your child’s learning progress?

Not only are you paying for quality care of your child you are also paying for education. It is important to know what experiences your child is having. What are they enjoying and having success with? What are they struggling with?

At Eduplay Childcare we have an online portfolio of experiences and learning called EDUCA. This is a private portal for parents to see a monthly update of their child’s progress. It is a great opportunity for parents to comment and communicate with their child’s teachers. We also consult with parents to complete an individual learning plan each term. This gives us the opportunity to work together to support any learning goals.

What does the centre do to prepare your child for school?

Starting school is a big deal and it is vital that your child is ready. At school they are in a big classroom with just one teacher. They need to know how to use the toilets, look after their belongings, navigate the lunchbox, make friends and advocate for themselves. Preschool helps children cope with being in a structured classroom so they get used to sitting and listening, following instructions, being confident about letters and numbers and asking questions.

At Eduplay Childcare we have a pre-school room that prides itself on helping your child grow into a competent and confident learner. We offer opportunities to sit, listen and learn, go on field trips, lunchbox days, writing, number and letter recognition. We also provide science technology experiences. Learn more about our philosophy HERE.

Please come and visit us to see for yourself.


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