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Eduplay Westgate Food Service

Sugar Free Meals

Eduplay is a sugar free centre - all our meals are wholesome, nutritious, delicious and healthy. We provide morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea for children enrolled in our all day programme. 

Our goal is to provide an eating environment that promotes the development of good eating habits and supports family and multicultural values. 

Our Menus

Menus are developed so that there is a variety of food and drink, and follow the nutritional guildelines of the Ministry of Health. (Eating Healthy, Nga Kupu Oranga guidlines)

A daily menu is displayed for parents to see. 

Our menu includes foods which are wholesome and fresh. Our menus are rotated every term to ensure they remain interesting and include a wide variety of seasonal foods. 

Sugar Free Guildlines

Added sugar or free sugar is not included in daily menus or served to children attending Eduplay. 

Packed, canned products and food ingredients that contain added sugar, sugar additives or artificial sweeteners, will not be in daily menus or served to children. 

All baking served at Eduplay will not include added sugar, sugar additives or artificial sweeteners. 

Food Service Standards

  • Children are supervised when eating - our teachers will join in when practical. 

  • Children have a safe and hygienic place to sit when eating.

  •  Our food is sourced from certified and credible suppliers

  • Our food is prepared, served and stored hygienically

  • Ample drinking water is available to children at all times and children who are capable can access it independently. 

  • We have a dining room dedicated for eating and food-based activities. 

For more... please ask for our food service brochure

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