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Travelling with Toddlers

Hands up all those who have survived a long haul flight with a toddler! Not easy right? My son recently used the word HORRIFIC to describe his last fight (yes in all caps!) followed by NEVER AGAIN!

But if you want to go and visit friends, family and sunshine then a plane ride with a toddler is often inevitable.

All the tips in the world don’t help a child with sore ears. But maybe, just maybe, some of these might make your next flight a little easier.

Please can you add your tips in the comments below – we need all that we can get!

  • Don’t board too early – airlines often give priority boarding to families, but this is can be a mistake. Who wants to spend an extra hour onboard before the plane even takes off?

  • Screentime and Snacks – take them all and don’t be stingy. This is the one time your kiddo can have all the screen time they want.

  • Window seat! That way your child can play the open/close game with the window shutter.

  • Followed by the open/close game with the seatbelt.

  • Followed by the aisle-walk – maybe you will find a friend.

  • Followed by the headphone cord in/out of socket game.

  • Activities that are light and easy to access include: sticker books, paper and a 10in1 colour pen.

  • If you need more entertainment use the sick bags and make a puppet, stack some plastic cups (and add stickers to them).

What tips do you have? Please share - you might just save someone's sanity.

The most important thing to remember is that this stage doesn’t last long. Soon your child will be running onboard, clipping their own seatbelt, amped and ready to watch movies and stare at the world from 30,000 feet.

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