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Let’s face it, Christmas is a lot more fun with children.

Children plus presents is a simple recipe for joy.

The act of opening a present should be filled with wonder and excitement. As adults, we get to watch little eyes light up, and smiles spread across perfect happy faces.

The best part about gifting to small children is that they don't have any interest in what something has cost, or whether it’s the latest most amazing version of something (that comes later!) The next best part is that the unwrapping is almost as important as what's inside. Sometimes it seems to be more important.

This Christmas you might have some anxiety about the gift purchasing budget. Let’s focus on simple ways to make gift giving memorable - without spending too much money.


Is your child the rip it open as fast as possible kind? Or maybe you have the careful and calm child, who peels each piece of tape off in slow motion? Either one is fantastic to watch!

Let's make unwrapping the best part of all!

Have you tried making a Surprise Ball? A bit like pass the parcel - but designed for just one person with a small gift within each layer. This is perfect for all ages and guaranteed to draw out the gift giving as long as the many layers you have created. Here is a complete HOW TO guide.

Each layer just needs something small and fun:

  • Sweets

  • Party poppers

  • $2 shop trinkets

How about adding some sweet treats to the outside wrapping (It is Christmas after all and Eduplay's sugar free policy need not apply).

These little cars are like a present on top of a present! The crayons are also perfect if you have a budding artist in the family. Click the photo for more ideas.

Or what about this one - almost too good to open!

Do you have any other ideas to share? We would love to hear them !


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