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Why Science at Childcare?

Do you have a budding scientist in your family?

A love of science starts with curiosity, and the desire to solve problems. This is something that the Eduplay tamariki are very good at, and why we love to encourage science based learning at childcare.

We ask the children open-ended questions – what do you think might happen if...? Which is followed by:

  • Observation

  • Exploration

  • Explanation

We always get plenty of working theories to test, which leads to more open-ended questions.

Conversation is where science learning begins.

Science is a way of thinking and the desire to discover the nature of things. At the pre-school age it is not about facts but about gaining knowledge through observation, experimentation and of course play!

Our desire is to spark a sense of wonder as young as possible so that the child continues to observe, ask and explore as they grow older.

Creating opportunities that are diverse gives a child the chance to expand their thinking.

Being a good scientist isn’t all about what you know, its also about how you think.

Here are some captures of our little scientist hard at work/play.


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