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The Eduplay Childcare Travelling Bears

The Karekare room had a goal this year to find a meaningful way to connect our children’s home life with the centre. So in May 2023, three Karekare children went all the way to Build A Bear at Sylvia Park to choose two perfect bears.

Adventure Bear and Friendship Bear are now official members of Eduplay Childcare

Every Wednesday, one lucky child is nominated to choose which bear they would like to take home for the week. The children are well aware that only one child gets this honour and it is highly anticipated. Sometimes it is a reward for excellent behaviour. Other times it is when a milestone has been reached. Soon every child will earn this opportunity.

After one week of adventuring the bear returns back to the classroom and the child leads show and tell. What a wonderful opportunity to be brave and communicate with the classroom, with an audience that is very excited to hear everything they got up to. The child also has two pages in our Travelling Bear Scrapbook to document all the special moments they had. (Thank you to our wonderful parents for supporting this).

What started off as a wonderful opportunity to connect Eduplay with the home and wider community has quickly developed into a very meaningful and motivating opportunity.

Our bears have travelled to a lot of places already! They have been to the Hamilton Gardens twice. They have been to a tangi. They have been to Marae. As well as, supermarkets, playgrounds, restaurants, shopping malls, hockey games and birthday parties.

They have even watched the All Blacks.

Can you believe the adventures they have had in just four months?! Imagine all the stories we will have to share in the months to come.


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