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Boredom Busters - at home edition

It’s not just School Holidays that require boredom busters for our children, teacher only days and long weekends need them too. Or maybe you have a child at home sick who still needs entertaining?

As parents we know that when we make an effort our children respond – so why not try something new next time you have a day at home with your Little!

These are some of our favourite at home Boredom Busters for young children – they cost nothing but a little time and energy.

  • Make an indoor hut. This can be as simple as draping a sheet over the dining room table and it is guaranteed to be enjoyed by all who enter. No doubt your child will want to eat dinner in there too, invite their pets and maybe even sleep the night. Be prepared to join them!

  • Shadow puppets by torchlight. Darken the room and pull out the torch then add in a story to go along with your shadow puppets. This is sure to fire the imagination of young and old.

  • Do you remember making a wine glass sing? This is still a fun and magical activity. Fill a few wine glass with varying amounts of water. Dip your finger in the water then start to circle the rim of the glass (keeping the finger super wet) until the magic happens. Check out the video HERE.

  • What about Hide’n’Seek? When was the last time you played that with your Little? This is almost guaranteed to bust boredom and create great memories at the same time.

  • Last but not least set up a scavenger/treasure hunt. This list HERE has lots of ideas that you can do at home.



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