Fees & Enrolment

"Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education"

- Martin Luther King Jr.

Guidelines for Enrolling

Enrolling your child at Eduplay is very simple.

  • Send us an email with the age of your child, how many days care you require, and a preferred start date.
  • We will contact you about the availability of a space to meet your needs, set up a time for you to come in to meet us, and have a look at our facilities.
  • If we have a vacancy, we will let you know a possible start date, subject to the requirements set out in our Fees Policy.
  • You may wish to start filling out the Enrolment Form before you come, OR we will assist you to fill it out when you arrive.
  • We can assist you with any WINZ childcare subsidies if you qualify. Find out from WINZ if you qualify for an ECE subsidy at the WINZ website.

For more information about our weekly fees please email us.

Fees Structure


2 days $155

3 days $233

4 & 5 days $310

OVER 3 YEAR OLDS (with 20 hrs)

2 days $109

3 days $163

4 & 5 days $217

Hours of Operation: 7.00am – 6.00pm weekdays

All meals are provided for children, except formula.

All nappies are provided for children under the age of 3.5 years.

Weeks of operation: 52 weeks of the year

Standard Terms

  1. This Fees Policy forms part of your Enrolment Form and Agreement.
  2. All fees are inclusive of GST.
  3. Fees must be paid by AP in advance every Friday for each week in advance. We do not accept cash or eftpos. All fees are paid directly into the nominated Eduplay bank account.
  4. Enrolments are for a minimum of 2 days per week. We do not offer sessional or half day sessions.
  5. Fees are payable for all holidays, sickness, absences and Statutory Holidays.
  6. We offer a 10% discount to families with two or more children who attend on a full-time basis.
    What Your Fees Include
  7. The following items are included in your fees:
    • All nappies are provided.
    • Food is provided for all ages except formula (see information on our menus). You will need to provide formula if your child requires this.


  8. Change of Days Booked. If you wish to change your child’s enrolled days of attendance, you must fill out the appropriate form and this request will be actioned at the commencement of the following month subject to availability.
  9. Where a child is absent for more than 2 weeks, they may be withdrawn from our register. Please notify the Centre Manager in advance if this might occur. We will endeavor to provide assistance where we can.
  10. Fees are required to be paid in full for all absences, including absences longer than 2 weeks in order to hold your child’s place. Places cannot be held indefinitely and this will need to be negotiated with the Centre Manager.
  11. Two week’s notice is required if you wish to withdraw your child from the Centre. No refunds are given.
    Late Pick-up Charges
  12. Fees for Late Pick-up. Parents who are late in picking up their children will incur a Late Pick-up Fee of $1 per minute. This will be incurred starting 15 minutes after the end of the daily session. This must be paid directly to the Supervising staff member on duty. Payments will be receipted and documented accordingly.
    Payment of Fees
  13. Fees must be paid on time. This is necessary for us to maintain a high quality service. Where fees remain unpaid for more than 2 weeks, we cannot guarantee a place your child, and may need to be withdrawn, unless an alternative arrangement has been negotiated. Please do not hesitate to contact the Centre Manager as soon as possible if you cannot meet your obligations under this Fees Policy – we are more than happy to discuss your situation.
  14. The Centre reserves the right to use debt collection services to recover costs should this be necessary.
  15. Our fees are reviewed every year in order to keep abreast of changing costs and inflation. Adjustments are applicable from the 1st of April. Parents are notified of any adjustments in March.

20 Hours ECE

The "20 hours ECE" scheme offers a saving for all parents of 3 to 5 year olds. This means that the first 20 hours of attendance per week are free for parents. In order for us to fully cover the quality of education and care being provided, we have had to build in a chargeable portion of each day, which is only charged outside the 20 hours, hence the reason for charging the weekly fee for 3 to 5 year olds who qualify for the 20 hours.

We undertake to provide outstanding early childhood education and care – we do not offer a minimum regulated standard of education and care but well above this standard. If you are eligible for 20 hours free and complete an attestation form your weekly fee will be recalculated to account for this.

Please consider the following:

·All children must be enrolled for a minimum of 3 full days per week

·We do not offer half/ part days or sessional education

·If you have any further queries regarding the "20 hours" Government policy, please ask

For more information on 20 Hours ECE please visit the Ministry of Education website www.minedu.govt.nz

WINZ Subsidies

Parents who qualify may apply for a WINZ subsidy. Find out from WINZ if you qualify for an ECE subsidy.

WINZ can pay all or a portion of you fees if you qualify. We will be happy to give you more information on your entitlements and how to apply for them.